New Game-Plan was created in 2002 to provide  specialised consultancy services to major organisations and networks driving innovation.

New Game-Plan team members brought to the company considerable experience from previous careers working in, for example: bioscience; agriculture; sustainable development; IT; organisational development; and management consultancy. These were the foundation for New Game-Plan’s capabilities and services.

New Game-Plan’s clients have been mainly international bioscience companies or UK Government funded research organisations and networks. New Game-Plan’s services have been wide ranging including, for example: Strategic Roadmapping; Research Priority Identification; Systematized Innovation; Mastering Risk in New Product Development; Building Effective Professional Networks and ‘Brain-Pool’ strategy workshops using a highly innovative methodology.

We welcome the chance to speak with you – to hear about your challenges and requirements - and explain more about our capabilities, services and team. As part of this, we will be pleased to share further relevant written information e.g. case studies and descriptions of our services.

Contact us by e mailing our business and operations lead, Ian Castle: ian.castle@new-game-plan.co.uk 


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